Gaspar Global Ventures is an early stage investment company founded by Andrew Gaspar. The company’s investments focus on technology and media as well as certain business services. GGV acts as both lead and passive investor.
Andy Gaspar has 35 years of investment experience during which time he has helped numerous early stage companies grow rapidly. Three of his ventures attained
$1 Billion valuations within five years of their starts.

The current portfolio of companies is described later in this web site. 

When Andy takes an active role in a business, he helps to prepare business plans, find investors and recruits exceptional Board members who are experts in the field targeted by the company. Andy helps to monitor the firm’s growth and modify their plans based on changes in the environment as well as changes in the company’s accomplishments. He has helped to negotiate several successful exits and public offerings.

Andy leads a group of some 25 angel investors who frequently co-invest in our deals and who also bring their own potential investments to the group. These highly experienced investors provide tremendous “know how”, as well as their own networks of contacts, to help our portfolio companies grow rapidly and profitably.