Building new companies from scratch is one of the most difficult tasks in commerce. For over 35 years Andy Gaspar has assisted talented teams in navigating the myriad of obstacles to success and then helped the most successful ones to manage explosive growth. By providing industry expertise and experience with start-ups, we can explore new ways of thinking about the business opportunity and of developing new business models.

Preparation of Business Plans: We have assisted many founders in thinking through their business concepts and helped to develop a business plan, complete with financial forecasts and competitive analyses.

Expert Advice: As a Board member or as an Advisor, Andy continues to advise the Founders on key strategic decisions including conceptual development, management recruiting, corporate and business development, and capital raising.

Deep Network: With 35 years of experience as an investor in technology and media, Andy has developed an extensive network of industry contacts to recruit additional talent to strengthen and broaden management's capabilities as the company expands. Often, very senior level managers from appropriate industries are recruited as investors or as Directors to help attain the company’s objectives. In addition, our network includes the nation's finest professional services vendors including attorneys, executive search firms, consultants, industry analysts, and other experts.

Growth through M&A: We help to uncover acquisition and merger candidates through our extensive industry network.

Raising Additional Capital: In addition to investing in early stage businesses, we often take a lead role in structuring and assembling any additional financing needed to execute a business plan by establishing management's credibility with lenders, investors, and underwriters.

Exit Strategy: We assist management in the formulation and execution of a portfolio company's exit strategy.